PayWay Security Settings


In order for PayWay to properly process payments through Party Center Software, the security settings for PayWay accounts need to be properly configured to allow processing payments through our software. Payway will need to be set to allow a range of IP addresses for our servers.

Updating PayWay Security Settings

  • Sign in to your Payway account at:
  • On the Main Menu, click on Setup Net
  • Click on Hosted Payment Page, then Bill Payments/Shopping Cart, and then Next
  • On the Biller Code screen click Next
  • On the Notifications screen click Next
  • On the Security Information screen, find The following IP addresses can request a security token
  • Enter the following IP addresses and click Add:

  • After all IP addresses are entered, click Next
  • Party Center Software should now be able to process PayWay payments!
  • Please test your ability to take payments on the online booking module by booking a party and paying as if you were a customer.
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