Processing EMV transactions with WorldPay


We support full integration with WorldPay's triPOS EMV platform. This means that customers have the ability to process credit card payments directly through a WorldPay EMV account in Party Center Software.

Please visit this page to sign up for an EMV account with WorldPay if you are an existing WorldPay customer.

Please visit this page to sign up for an EMV account with WorldPay if you do not have any existing WorldPay accounts.

A WorldPay triPOS EMV account uses a chip reader to process payments, and a chip reader is required to use this type of account. You will typically want to order one chip reader for each POS Station.

Note: Chip readers must be ordered directly from WorldPay.

The following model has been tested and is supported for use with Party Center Software:

  • Ingenico iPP320

A WorldPay EMV account can only be used to process transactions from the Management side of Party Center Software. It can be used to process payments in both Event Orders and Point of Sale Orders.

WorldPay Hosted Retail for MOTO Transactions

A WorldPay Hosted Retail account should still be be used to process MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) transactions from the management side. You may already have a WorldPay Hosted Retail account if you already process credit cards with WorldPay. If not, you will want to ask WorldPay about this type of account if you plan to process MOTO transactions.

Setting Up Your Accounts

Setting up your payment processing in Party Center Software is handled by our support staff. If you have signed up for WorldPay, received your chip reader(s), and are ready for us to assist with setting up your account, please contact support by calling (916) 226-4062 or sending an email to

Note: Every chip reader MUST plug directly into your network. The Ingenico iPP320 DOES NOT plug into your computer, but rather into your router.

Note: During the setup process, your EMV device should display an activation code. Some customers have reported issues retrieving this code. WorldPay has stated that this may be due to the customer's network settings, and have provided the following information to address this issue:

triPOS Cloud Production URLs:

All questions regarding the above information MUST be directed to WorldPay. We have no control over the manner in which their EMV devices communicate with their servers.

Testing Your Accounts

You will be notified once the setup process has been completed. We highly recommend testing your accounts once we have set them up, and we will be happy to assist with this process.

Note: A working credit card will be required to perform a test.

It is also recommended that you process both a payment and refund in each payment module to verify that everything is working correctly.

Card Processing Options

When you begin processing transactions through your WorldPay EMV account, you may notice that certain card types prompt the EMV device to present you with different processing options.
We do not have any control over this, but it will not cause any issues as long as the correct option is selected.

The correct options for each card type (always the first option) are as follows:



American Express and Discover:
We were not prompted to select any special options for these card types during testing. If you experience something different, please report the prompt to our support team at

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