Head Count Customer and Guest View

The following article covers how the Head Count RSVP feature looks from your customers' and guests' points of view.


Customer View


Once your customer has received the email with the RSVP management link and they click it, they will be brought directly to the customer-facing website and will log in. Once logged in, they will see a screen similar to this, with different party information based on the booking options they selected. They can send RSVP invites from here.



  • Customers booking online can immediately go to this screen once they have paid the deposit.
  • Through the Maximum Attendees field, customers can choose to limit the number of accepted Attendees. Anyone attempting to accept after this number is reached will not be able to.




Your customers can utilize the RSVP management link at any time to see updates. Let's see what it looks like after sending some invites out.




It looks like of the two people we invited, only one, sample sample, has accepted the invitation and confirmed they are attending, along with their two children, Child 1 and Child 2.


Guest View


When a potential guest receives the invite, it will look something like this, based on your configured email settings:




The guest can then click the link, bringing them to the consumer-facing side of the software, where they can see the party information and can confirm whether or not they will attend.




If the guest confirms they will be attending the party, they will then be brought to this screen, where they can input the information for their children that will be attending. Note: If you have Waivers enabled, the guest will have one additional step where they are brought to the waiver to sign.




Once this is done, the guest will see a confirmation message.







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