Head Count Tab on Invoices

The following article is to illustrate how the Head Count tab on invoices looks.


When your customers receive their Head Count RSVP link, they can begin sending that information out and inviting people to their parties. Once people have begun to accept invitations to their parties and fill out waivers (if Waivers are activated for your facility), you can see and manage this directly on the invoice. 


Navigate to the party invoice, either through the Orders tab or the Schedule tab. Once there, you will see a tab on the invoice that says Head Count. Select that tab.




You will now be looking at a screen similar to this:




We can see in this example that our customer, Test Test, has sent the invite to their friend. Their friend, sample sample, has confirmed they are going and are bringing their two children, Child 1 and Child 2, and they have already submitted their waiver information as we can see it is awaiting validation. Once the RSVP'd parent and children have arrived, you can change the Arrived section from No to Yes for those people. You can also inspect and validate sample sample's waiver by clicking the Validate button under the waiver field. Lastly, you can also invite others directly through the Head Count feature by clicking the red Add Head Count link (Note: This link only become available once people have begun to RSVP to the party).


The list of people will grow as more people confirm their RSVP to the party.


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