Configuring Head Count Email and Messages

The following article explains how to configure your email messages for the Head Count feature.


  • Begin by clicking on the Admin tab.
  • Locate the Facility section and click on Facility Text and Labels.
  • Click the Emails tab.


The top two fields of this page allow you to set both the outgoing email message for the invite the guest receives, as well as the confirmation message they receive once they have confirmed they will be attending the party. Notice under the Required Fields that you have a number of replacement functions that will automatically stamp things like the facility name, party name, etc., into the email messages.




Once these messages are configured, click on the Head Count Pages tab. These fields allow you to modify the messages that guests see on the customer facing side of the software for when they have confirmed their attendance, as well as when the party has reached the maximum number of attendees set by the customer.




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