Setup PCS with LoyalTree Rewards

Initial Setup

Enabling LoyalTree in our software must initially be done by our development team. Please reach out to support with your facility information to enable your location. Once enabled, you will see a new tab on your Facility Information page.




Enter your LoyalTree Store ID and Redemption URL (provided by LoyalTree) into the appropriate fields (your ability to edit the information may be limited based on your facility's user permission groups).

Also on the LoyalTree tab of the Facility Information page there is a button labeled "Sync". Clicking this button after configuring the LoyalTree Store ID and LoyalTree Redemption URL will upload all existing Users and Products from the client's facility to SessionM. The client will then be responsible for configuring the uploaded products and users with their desired rewards via SessionM/LoyalTree. The Synchronize Store Sync button can be clicked whenever the user desires. We recommend only doing so when there has been a change to Products or Users (employees).

Once you have your settings configured, synchronized, and you have installed the specific point of sale application that supports LoyalTree at each of your point of sale stations, our software will be ready to begin processing points accrual and reward redemptions.



How It Works & Looks

Eligible products sold from the management side accrue points when payment is received. A QR code will be printed on the bottom of the receipt like the following.




Using the LoyalTree app the customer can scan the code to see how many points they've earned and to cash out their points for rewards which they can redeem at the participating facility. Here's what it looks like in the iOS app when a code is scanned and points earned. Please note that all example screenshots from the app are from the iOS app on iPhone.




When the customer accumulates enough points they can use those points within the app to "purchase" rewards. Here's what the Rewards Store within the app looks like.




As you can see in the example above I have already used my points to "purchase" two "$5 Off Purchase" rewards.

When the customer is ready to redeem a reward they would notify the employee at the point of sale that they have a code they'd like to use. The customer gets the code by clicking the Redeem button in the app (see example above). Here's an example of the 6 digit redemption code.




At the Point-of-Sale screen we've also added a new Rewards button so customers can redeem their LoyalTree rewards.




When a customer is ready to redeem their reward the employee would click the Rewards button and enter the 6 digit code and click Redeem.




As the PCS software communicates with LoyalTree to validate the code and apply the reward to the order the software will display progress updates. Connection speed will determine how quickly these updates are displayed. Possible updates include Getting API TokenRedeeming Code, and Updating Screen. Here's an example:




Once complete the Order will be updated with the appropriate discount and the Balance due will change to reflect the reward. This process is referred to as "Reward Redemption".





Notes About LoyalTree Integration

  • You MUST use the point of sale application that supports LoyalTree in order for the receipt to print with a QR code.
  • Any facility with LoyalTree enabled will always see a QR code printed on the receipts. This is true also for a brand new order with no items added to it. This code will contain information about the order, however, as you can guess scanning the code will not add points to a person's LoyalTree account until eligible items are added to the order and paid for.
  • A customer doesn't receive any points unless they scan the code from a paid for order with eligible items.
  • There is nothing in our software, onscreen or printed, that will indicate how many points a valid code is worth.
  • QR Codes can only be printed from the management side on a receipt. No codes will appear on an invoice printed or otherwise.
  • Points are earned on the pre-tax and post-discount total.
  • A valid code can only be scanned once for points.
  • A valid reward can only be redeemed once.
  • Any points earned from an order that is later cancelled or reversed will be deducted from the customer's LoyalTree account automagically.


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