I changed the price of a product, why is the POS button charging the old amount?

Your items in the Point-of-Sale and Online Store set their prices independently of the default product value. You'll notice when you are creating a POS button, there is an editable field for "Unit Price" that pulls in whatever the product's current value is. You can set this higher or lower if you want and can set multiple prices for the same product, but ultimately track it as only one item on your reports.

Because of this, there are additional steps to take if undertaking global price changes. If you're here, you have probably already went to the Info tab on the product and filled in the Price field. There are additional tabs above for if the POS buttons and Online Store entries need to be adjusted as well.


Click the Point-of-Sale tab on the product and the following options will appear.

  • POS Screen: If you have created multiple POS buttons for the same product, you can choose which one you wish to edit with this menu.
  • Display name: This is the text that appears on the POS button for this product.
  • Quantity: The quantity of this product which this button will add to an order.
  • Unit Price: The price for this product's button.

If you need to change the price of several POS buttons which you already updated product prices for, it will be more convenient to us Admin > Facility > Point-Of-Sale Screens to change these values. See this article for a refresher on how to update your screens.

Online Store

When changing the price of a product, you can quickly update its Online Store price as well by using the Online Store tab above:

Prices can also be updated for Online Store items at Admin > Online Store > Manage Products.

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