Groupon and Living Social - How to create items

So you are going to do a "Deal of the Day or Event" promotion using Groupon, LivingSocial or another of the myriad of options.

Usually in these coupons are prepaid for the item and then the customer is responsible for the tax.

To properly set-up a deal coupon you will need to create a product PACKAGE that includes all those items.

For this example we are going to do a $15 game card (Non taxable item), $2 Soda (Taxable), and a $5 Personal Pizza (Taxable). We are calling this deal GAME AND PLAY.

First create the products that are included in the deal (or if they are already present you don't need to create them again). Also create a special discount product for that deal. Let's call it Game and Play Coupon (Non-Taxable).

So now create a Product Package and name it the name of your deal. Let's call it the Game and Play Package.

In this product package we will add in Item a for:

Game Card : $15(Non-Taxable)
Soda : $2 (Taxable)
Personal Pizza : $5 (Taxable)

Then we will add the Coupon...
Game and Play Coupon : -$22

With these types of offers the customers usually has already paid for the entire service/products EXCEPT they have not paid the taxes. So you need to collect taxes as you bring the items into the POS.

The key is to make the products taxable that need to be taxed and the groupon/coupon discount NON taxable.

Here is the example at 10% tax..

Game Card : $15(Non-Taxable) + $0 = $15.00
Soda : $2 (Taxable) + $.20 = $ 2.20
Personal Pizza : $5 (Taxable) + $.50 =$ 5.50

                         TOTAL:  $22.00 + $0.70tax= $22.70

Then we will add the Coupon...
Game and Play Coupon : -$22 (Non-taxable) - $0 tax = -$22.00

                         TOTAL:  $22.00 + $0.70tax=  $22.70
                                     -$22.00 - $0tax     = -$22.00

                                              BALANCE DUE   $0.70

If you made the coupon taxable it would have added tax to be discounted and left you with a balance due of ZERO.

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