How Do I Refund an Order?


  • Refunds linked to the original order (linked refund) - This is when the refund is process on the same order that the original transaction took place.
  • Refunds processed on a separate order (unlinked refund) - This is when the refund is processed on a new order and there is no relation back to the original order.

Linked Refunds (Original order)

Follow these steps to process a linked refund:

  • Open the original order in the POS. You can search by date or enter the order number if you have it.


  • Re-open the order.


  • For each item on the order that needs to be refunded or returned you will do the following:
  • Locate the item you will return in POS and add it onto the order. Notice the new item on the order and the updated balance due.


  • Hit the Return Items button.


  • Hit Return Last Item.


  • Repeat the above steps for each item on the order that needs to be refunded. We're just returning one item here, so we're all set. Notice the quantity of the new item is now negative and the balance due has been updated.
  • Select Pay.


  • Select Payment Type (Cash, Check, Credit, Debit).
  • Process the appropriate amount needed to be refunded to the customer. Hit Tender. Mission accomplished.



Unlinked Refunds (New order)

Follow the steps below to process a refund that has no link to the original transaction. The steps are identical to processing a linked refund, except you're not looking up and opening the original order.

  • Start with a new order in the POS.
  • Add item to the order that needs to be refunded / returned.
  • Click Return last Item
  • Click Pay
  • Select the Payment Type (Cash, Check, Credit, Debit)
  • Process the appropriate amount needed to be refunded to the customer.
  • If necessary, close the order.





Quantity adjustment in POS is permission specific! Check your Permissions list! If you are unable to process a refund this way, follow the steps above or request the permission from your business owner/operator.


  • We are starting off from having opened the original order, following the steps above for a linked order. We have already located the item to return and added it to our order, but we want to return multiple of the same item! Select the quantity number of the item to be refunded.



  • In the Custom Amount field, enter a negative number and hit Submit.



  • Notice the updated quantity and balance due below. Continue following the other steps listed for Linked Refunds to process the transaction.















To do refunds in parties/events, open the order you would like to perform the transaction in. From there, navigate to the Payments tab.



Since the original transaction was done with cash we are going to be doing a cash refund. The bottom of this payment page contains the payment history, and the tab higher up towards the top tells us which payment/refund method we'll be using.




Once we know what type of return we will be doing, we can select the Payment Type drop down and select Refund. After that, we modify the refund amount.




Hit Submit, and the refund will be processed by your software. You can see the newly updated payment info at the bottom.




Your Refund is complete.



AUTHORIZE.NET NOTE: if you are doing a refund from an transaction and you would like to refund the credit card you must process the refund through This can be done by contacting them or by logging into your portal online with You will use our software to record the refund and return any items to inventory if need be.

MPS/Vantiv: Mercury Payment System/Vantiv supports live refunds through PartyCenterSoftware. Any refund you process through MPS/Vantiv will be processed instantly.

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