Payment Processors - Payment Acceptance

Supported Payment Processors

Vantiv (Formerly Mercury Payment Systems)

Paypal (E-commerce only)

PayWay Net (Australia) (E-commerce Only)


Please work the Support team before going live with any payment processor. They will facilitate a successful setup and get you up and running quickly!



Vantiv - (US and Canada Only)

  • Our preferred and recommended provider is Vantiv
  • We are directly integrated with Vantiv to provide you with the most features and most seamless integration
  • Vantiv acts as both the Merchant Account Provider and the Payment Gateway reducing extra fees for credit card transactions and consolidating your contact points
  • Click Here to Contact Vantiv
  • NOTE: Vantiv's commitment to us is they will match or beat any rate provided by another merchant service company. This along with their custom gift card solution and amazing customer support make this the best option on the market for merchant services
  • Please call Vantiv directly at 800.846.4472 to setup an account today!

Our Support team is automatically notified by Vantiv when your account is created. Our team will confirm with you once the account is enabled in your software.


Authorize.Net - (US,Canda, UK, AUD)

Authorize.Net is a software solution that enables merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card and electronic check transactions via web sites, retail stores, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) call centers and mobile devices.

Setting up an e-commerce account will allow credit card deposit payments to be made instantaneously from the online booking software.

Setting up a retail account will allow POS credit card transactions to be run from your POS terminal without a standalone credit card machine.

  • Currently does not allow you to process refunds directly in the PCS application
  • You will be required to log into account and process refund directly through
  • No Gift card integration
  • does not have a supported gift card option. You can only use direct gift card integration through Vantiv Payment solutions.
  • also has been known to go down (be unavailable) on weekends and have reliability issues! We recommend using Vantiv Payments Solutions to get better service and reliability.


How to sign up with 

  • Ask your Merchant Account Provider or bank representative to setup an account(s). PCS supports both Card Present (Retail) and E-commerce (Card Not Present) Accounts.

After signing up:

  1. Your processor will send you and email with an activation link for Authorize.Net. Complete the registration process.

  2. Select Account.

  3. Scroll down the Account page to API and Transaction key. This will automatically generate an API and Transaction Key.


Contact the Customer Support team with this information and we will help you enable and test the accounts


Paypal (E-commerce only)

Click Here for Paypal Express Checkout 


PayWay (Australia and New Zealand only)

  • Australian customers have the option to use PayWay Net (Westpac Bank) to process E-commerce transactions only
  • For more information on PayWay Net please click here

Note: You may need to enter PCS IP addresses into your PayWay Net settings in order to allow communication between our software and theirs. You can obtain the addresses from our whitelist article found here.




Important Security Settings for all customers using the Point of Sale feature:

  • Regardless of the payment processor being used, your employees will be able to process live payments as well as record payments
  • If you do not set their permissions accordingly, the payments they take will only be recorded and not processed
  • The software will not charge a card with only the last 4 card digits
  • For live payments ALL numbers of the credit card must be showing on the screen
  • From the Admin Screen Select Manage Users
  • Select the User Name
  • Select the Check Box next to "Live Payment Processing" security group on the right side of the screen
  • Save Changes

This needs to be done for each employee that is taking live payments!

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