Validating Waivers


When a customer signs a waiver online, they will be notified that it has been sent to customer service for review. There are 3 ways to review recent waivers for validation, depending on your user permissions.

  • From the Admin screen, go to Recently Signed in the Waivers section.
  • From the Customers screen, select Waivers to the right of the alphabet.
  • From a specific customer record, click the Waivers tab.



The first two suggestions will bring you to this screen. Waivers will appear from newest to oldest signed. An employee with sufficient permissions must review the waiver to make sure it is correct and complete, then click the Validate button. If there is a problem with the customer's input, you can go to their profile to either expire the waiver or have them re-sign.



From the Waivers tab on a customer record, you can see the complete history of waivers that a customer has signed. You have additional options here for managing the current state of the waiver.

  • The Sign [1] button will start the sign process for a waiver even if the customer has not signed one previously. This can sometimes help if a waiver needs to be signed in the checkout process and there is no kiosk available.
  • The Re-Sign [2] button will expire the current waiver and immediately bring the form up to sign again. The customer can do this at the point-of-sale station with an employee present.
  • The Void [3] button will remove this waiver immediately.
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