Fixing Timeout or Sleep Issues with USB Receipt Printers, Pole Displays and Cash Drawers

My PCS Terminal Freezes! USB Power Saving

Here are a few questions you may be asking yourself...

Why does my Epson receipt printer keep sending errors?

Why does my POS (Point of Sale) keep locking up when I ring out a customer?

Why does my pole display throw an error on the POS?

Why do I get so many JavaScript errors when printing through the POS?

Why am I unable to print?

The following is a possible answer to these questions:

There are some settings that are built into Windows to assist with saving power. Specifically, Windows has the ability to turn off or put into sleep certain USB devices and these settings may be affecting your PCS Terminal performance. Even if you have already disabled these settings, Windows may have re-enabled these settings in an update.

Below are some examples of the messages that the POS software may display for a disabled printer, but you may not necessarily see these, or any error messages at all if you are having some of these issues:

A Solution

You will need to access your computer's Power Settings, as well as Device Manager to ensure the settings have been disabled. The following descriptions are for navigating through Windows 7, and may vary slightly based on your version.

Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings

Make sure you have done this on the current power plan your system is on. Once you hit "Change advanced power settings" you should see this box. Scroll down to and expand USB settings, expand USB selective suspend setting, and disable this setting if it is enabled. Apply the changes, then hit OK.

In theory, this problem should now be taken care of, however, let's make sure of it.

Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager

Once you hit Device Manager, it should pop up its own box. Scroll down to and expand Universal Serial Bus controllers. Our targets will be anything that is a USB Hub.

Right click and select Properties on the first hub and you should see the hub properties. Go over to the Power Management tab and if it is checked to "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power," uncheck this setting and then hit OK. Repeat this process for all USB Hubs found on device manager. You may have more or less hubs, depending on the system.


You can often utilize Windows Instant Search to get directly to some settings areas, such as Power Options and Device Manager.

Do this from an Administrator account.

Device Manager is a powerful tool, be careful.

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