How to Crop & Resize Images for Party Center Software

When uploading images to PartyCenterSoftware, there are certain size limitations to consider. The application does not automatically adjust the dimensions of your image, so this article will serve to demonstrate how to resize your graphics on your preferred platform.

The maximum dimensions for PCS are (horizontal x vertical, in pixels):

  • Product images: 350x175
  • Facility logo: 240x120
  • Display text/image resources: within reason. Scale your images so that they fit nicely on the page.

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Online Image Editors

We recommend you give these couple editors a try:

MS Paint (Windows)

Paint is an easy to use raster image editor that is included in all Windows operating systems. You can open any image format compatible with our software in Paint. Once open, note the "Resize" option toward the top.



This will bring up the Resize and Skew dialog box. Change the By: field to Pixels and make sure Maintain aspect ratiois checked. Specify the size within the required range and hit OK.



To avoid overwriting your original graphic, click the menu icon in the upper left and select Save As. The best formats for web are JPG and PNG. JPG is usually better for full color photos, and PNG is better for simple graphics (logos, icons, etc.)



Preview (Mac)

Preview is an image viewer included in Mac OS X. It can also be used to resize an image.

  • With the image open, go to Tools > Adjust Size



  • Change Fit into to Custom.
  • Change the unit of measurement to Pixels.
  • Make sure Scale proportionately is checked.
  • Enter a new size within range and click OK



Go to the File menu. Depending on your version, the option will either be Save As or Save A Version.



Your image is now ready to upload to PCS.

GIMP (Linux, Mac, Windows)

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) ships with most Linux and BSD distributions and is free software. There are also Windows and Mac OS X versions at their website.

With your image open in GIMP, select Image > Scale Image.



To the right of the Height field is a selector for the unit of measurement, set this to px. The chain icon pictured will maintain the aspect ratio if connected, but warp the image if it appears broken. You can click it to toggle. Adjust the Width/Height to appropriate values and click the Scale button.



Select File > Export As... GIMP will automatically determine the file format by the extension you use (e.g. .jpg, .png, etc).



Your image is now ready to upload to PCS.

Adobe Photoshop (Mac, Windows)

With the image open in Photoshop, select Image > Image Size... You may also use the hot keys Alt+Ctrl+I* on Windows or **Alt+Command+I on Mac OS X.



Adjust the unit of measurement to pixels. To the right of the dimensions is a chain icon, this will maintain the aspect ratio if connected, and warp the image if it appears broken. You may click this icon to change it. Fill in values within the appropriate range and click OK



Go to File > Save for web and devices. This new graphic is ready to upload to PCS.

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