How Fast Does My Internet Connection Need To Be?

With PartyCenterSoftware you are required to have an Internet connection at all times to run the software. But how fast does that connection need to be and what can I do to make sure that my connection stays as optimized as possible? We are going to explore what you can do to maintain optimum performance in the software and in the Internet as a whole.

The Basics - Internet Speed

It is required that you have at least DSL internet service to use the software in your business. A backup cellular internet source is also recommended. If DSL is not available in your area, line of site, wireless (RF), and some satellite Internet Service Providers can provide you will sufficient speed.

Visit to check your internet connection speed. Anything greater than 128 kb/sec will be sufficient. Recommended speed is closer to 1meg(1000kb) +.

My speed matches the numbers above but it still seems slow

This is a common problem and can be caused by a number of things. Here are a few to check.

  • Is your computer up to date? Making sure that you are running the newest security, operating system, and browser updates is crucial. Not running the latest updates can cause your computer to load the pages slowly.
  • Have you checked the date and time on the computer? There are many issues caused by the computer's date and time being wrong. This will causes errors on the page as well as security issues!
  • Look for any add-ons that are running in your browser. As fun as they might be, those pesky add-ons that search the page for you, add in links, or show you the latest news updates, will bring your system to a halt. Disable the add-ons or remove them from your system. As much convenience as they have, they actually will slow you down.
  • Are you accessing the software from the correct URL? We require https:// connection not http://. Also, we don't need a www in front of the URL. This is not crucial but it could cause your computer to have to rewrite the URL every time or take extra steps to resolve the IP address.

I'm still having speed issues

Try accessing additional pages on the Internet that are secure, such as your online banking. This will check to see how your computer runs on secure pages. Next, check your anti-virus, cookie settings, Internet Security, and Firewall settings to make sure that you are allowing our site to communicate with your computer and it is not being blocked.

You can also try resetting your Modem and Router. As this is a more advanced step, we recommend that you contact your facilities Technical Support (IT) guru or your ISP before attempting this.

Still having issues? Contact your Internet Service Provider. Even though you might only experience latency issues on certain sites, we have seen that this can be caused by issues related to the ISP. Contact your ISP to ensure you're network is optimized for best performance.

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