How Do I Add Online Booking to My Facebook Page?

PLEASE NOTE: The third party company that designed this integration with Facebook has begun to charge for this service.


This article describes how to integrate your Party Center Software online booking feature directly into your company's Facebook Page.

Step 1) Click HERE to add the Static HTML App to a Facebook Page.



Step 2) Select the Facebook Page where you want this app installed.



Step 3) Go to your Facebook Page and click on the new Welcome tab to start editing.



Step 4) Click the edit tab, the click the "See more apps" button to choose the website option



Step 5) On the left menu, select Website and then click "Use Website app"



Step 6) Enter your Party Center Software online booking URL to the web address section



Step 7) Adjust other settings as necessary - you can even upload a custom tab image to replace the "Welcome" image.

Now your customers can use Party Center Software online booking directly through your Facebook Page!

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