How Do I Reserve a Party on The Admin Side?





An employee with sufficient permissions can reserve an event for a customer from the "Schedule" page. 

Let's start by breaking down the fields on this page:

Show only booked dates: this will remove all unreserved spaces from the current view.
Show only one-time slots: displays only events created with the Add One-Time Schedule button.
Toggle delete mode: use this to eliminate schedule slots as needed.
Jump to Date: display a specific date only.
Jump to Month: display a specific month only.
Prev Day/Next Day: used for displaying individual dates, used in tandem with Jump to Date.
Start: the start time of the event.
End: the end time of the event.
Price: the price of the default or booked event.
Code: the product code of the default or booked event.

  • If an event is booked – the name of the customer. Click to open the order.
  • If no event has been booked, a Reserve button will appear. Click to start the booking process.

Status: the status of the order in this slot. Different statuses include:

  • Open Order – an event order which is currently active.
  • Closed Order – an order which has been balanced to zero and closed.
  • Quote – an order which the customer has not confirmed yet. Reserves the slot until an employee either opens the order, or cancels it.
  • Pending Review – Online Order – an order which was booked online but has not yet been approved by an employee. Best practice is to verify the deposit has been made and that all information is correct. You may then mark the order as “Open” and send the customer their invoice.
  • Canceled orders do not appear on the schedule.

Checklist: will show red exclamation marks (!!) if checklist items have not been completed, and a green check mark if they have. More info.
Host(s): the name of the employee(s) hosting this event. Red exclamation marks (!!) will appear if no hosts have yet been assigned.
Guests: the number of guests assigned to this event. If you track children and adults separately, it will appear as xyC.
GuestOfHonor: the number of guests of honor on this event. Mouse over the number to see names and birthdates.
i: mousing over the info icon will reveal a flyout that shows all parties available to be booked in this time slot (see below).



Hit the “Reserve” button on the time slot you wish to book to get started

You will come to a screen asking you to either create a customer record, or to select an existing one.



  1. If you started booking in error, click the delete the current order link up top to exit. The system will assume you are still in the reservation process otherwise.
  2. Use the sort links or search field below to search for a pre-existing customer record.
  3. You may use this link to add a customer if they do not already exist in the database.

Select Order Items



Event type: use this drop down menu to select what kind of event you are booking at this time.

Guest(s) of Honor: select the person(s) or organization(s) you are booking the party on behalf of. At least one must be selected.

Invitations requested: this feature is for your records only. Party Center Software does not currently have an e-vite system. If you do not need to record the number of invitations you will need, you may leave the value of this field at 0.

Expected guests: enter the number of guests the customer informs you will be attending at the time of booking.

Actual guests: this field is for confirming the actual number of guests attending the event. This value can be changed at a later time. You may or may not wish to fill this in at the time of booking depending on your work flow. If left blank, it willnot calculate additional guest fees. If filled in, it will calculate the additional guest fees, but this subtotal may be different if your party arrives with a different headcount. This ultimately comes down to how you prefer to provide quotes to your customers. Tip: the “Include Guest Fees” setting in the Online Booking tab of an event automatically fills in the Actual Guest Count for parties booked online.

Quick tips for after the reservation is completed

  • You may use the Mark as quote link if the customer is still undecided and has not yet provided the deposit. Note: this will reserve the slot until the party is canceled.
  • Use the Send Invoice link to email the invoice to the customer.
  • You may use the Edit order items button on the day of the event to revise the Actual Guest Count.



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