Event and Product Packages



For additional help and information refer to Manage Products **From the ADMIN Screen: **
• Select Products
• Select Add Product
• Select Item Package

There are 2 primary types of packages:

  1. Event Package - This type of package includes all the items for a party and normally includes a Service Fee or Room Rental Fee. (Example) - Ultimate Birthday Package includes 2 slices of pizza per guest, 1 set of decorations, 1 hour of bounce play per guest, and a Flat rate service fee.

  2. Product Package - This is used as an add-on to a party or a packaged product sold through the POS. (Example) - Weekly Special Golf Package includes 1 round of golf, soda, and chips at a discounted rate per item.

Fill in the information like you would for a normal Event as described in Manage Products.


Note the different fields and their descriptions here

Schedulable Event
This determines if this package can be assigned to a schedule block and booked by a customer. This would be Package Option 1 from above.
This cannot be changed after the creation of the package.

Base Price
This will be determined by the items that are included in the package and any guest minimums that are determined on later screens. (This is not an editable field)

Click Add Product
You will now have 5 tabs across the top of your screen.

• Info (This is the same as the page where you just created the product)
• Packaged Item (This is where you will put items in your package)
• Event Options (If this is schedulable you will have to setup Guest Counts and other event options like a standard event)
• Online Booking (Here you setup the items that can be booked with this package or what Events this package can be booked with)
• Images (Upload and assign images to this package)

Packaged Items
On the left of the screen there is a dropdown box. Here is listed all the categories of items that you have created.

Select a category and then choose a product for the list of available products by selecting “add product”.


Here there are options that you can set per product

Hide on Receipt
Check this box to hide the item on the receipt that the customer sees. This is used for service fees, etc.

Hide on Order
Check this box the hide the item on the order screen. This will make the item “invisible”.

Qty by Guest Count
This will apply the item on the order by guest count. This is a 1:1 ratio. IE- I want 2 slices of pizza per person. I will either need to add the Product Pizza slice 2 times to the package and check this box or create a product called Pizza slice x2 and set the price to 2 slices of pizza. If you choose Qty. by Guest Count, the system will give you an estimated overall base price based on your Minimum Guest Count specified under the Event Options tab.

Use this if you are not using Qty by Guest Count. This sets a fixed number of items to the package.

Unit Price
Set the unit price of the item that you are using. You can use this to adjust an item's price to double or triple, or provide a discount on the item.

Press the update button next to the line that you updated.
Note - this only updates the item next to the button. It will not save multiple items, only update 1 item at a time!

Event Options
Please refer to Manage Products all the options are the same here as for a regular event.

**Online Booking **
If this is an event, the screen will display all the items that can be added to the party when the customer is booking this Package online. This only shows items that are “Available for Online booking.”

If this is not a schedulable event then this screen will show all of the Packages or Events that this item can be included as an Add-on for online booking

Browse through your computer and find an image that best represents this package. The requirements are 200 x 200 pixels max and it has to be .jpg, .bmp, .gif.

Per Person Pricing and Additional Guest Fees

If you are doing any per person pricing you need to be careful with packages. You can insert the per person costs into the package price by choosing the Adjust Quantity By Guest Count check box. If you do this you will almost always NOT be using the ADDITIONAL GUEST FEE section under the EVENT OPTIONS Tab (see below). The only reason to have additional guest fees is if you are not charging those fees to the customer via the adjusted quantities on the package itself. In this case you will also not be using the "Exceeded Max Guest Fee" on this tab as well.



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